Minggu, 26 Februari 2012

Price increases inevitable body of the bus

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Potential land transport being tested, the number of accidents on the road transport sector, especially big bus, and tightening oversight of the state and the eclipsed directly related to price increases in fuel prices, its high price of bus chassis and spare part, the increase in employee costs will squeeze and add to the load bus current employers.
This situation will reduce the demand on the body of a car and the market would depress prices throughout the body of the coming year, the expected economic growth and increased use of bus tourism, the growing demand for transportation in areas outside Java, would restrain the rate of decline in market demand body of this year.
But in the body of a car company, it can no longer withstand the perceived price increases at this time, due to several factors that have a dominant effect of the chain as a significant increase in labor costs and fuel prices increase the government's plan, so the price increases began to explore the body of these months.
All the body of a car is definitely a burden to recalculate the cost of its own company, it is not impossible body of the current price increases will be significant to support the survival of this very difficult business.
Look at the recent body of leading companies have raised prices more than 20% of its prices to respond to these challenges ..
This increase is not expected to be a heavier burden for employers bus again, but if the body of a car does not raise the price, of course, the body of a car that became the last resource to help entrepreneurs get into trouble even bus it is not possible out of business ..
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